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Facilitating Group Conflicts


We are all trained in Process Work. Facilitation in Process Work is committed to the support of all involved, in expressing points of view and in taking part in a process where the participants are sometimes furiously in opposition!

This support for all points of view enables a debate to take place around what might appear undebatable! The information which is shared under these conditions forms the basis of feasible next steps, the path of potential solutions.


Maurice was born in London and is a facilitator, coach, teacher, translator and consultant. It was he who introduced Arnold Mindell’s philosophy, psychology and practices to France. Mindell’s understanding and teaching about the nature of conflict (especially about how conflicts get ‘set up’) are ground-breaking, especially in the way that they focus on the currently explosive relationship between conflict and community. This exploration of the links which put us into conflict with conflict is the basis of Maurice’s practice and research in France.

Sophie, born in Paris, has operated in the world of consultancy for fifteen years. In 1998 she created MiraCastillo, specialising in team and individual coaching and communication. Fired by the notion of change in organisations she became, in 2013, a Facilitator in Process Work.

She developed applications specifically for business and organisations with Maurice Brasher, and the results have confirmed the absolute necessity of basic structural improvements in the business world.


Denis, born in Ile de France, is a facilitator, consultant and actor. He has held senior posts for 25 years in firms with a major stake in environmental issues, across all six continents.

Since 2004 he has worked alongside many organisations (small and medium-sized firms, public utilities, etc) to further their strategic projects and at the same time to express his passion for innovation, both technical and human.

Eric has operated in business for more than 25 years, both as HR Director and as Operations Director, in France and abroad. Since 2004 he works as a team coach and as a conflict facilitator.

He developed great interest in change and transformation within organizations, communities and groups.

Eric has a particular interest in working on (and with) brakes and blockings which make possible no change when everything is moving around.