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Open Forum & Co

Facilitating Group Conflicts

Set your Projects free!

A participant speaks out:
"We moved from a project against
to a project for..."

Because there are situations which desperately lack a framework or a place where the real issues can be debated...


There are situations in life, and perhaps specially at work, where no space exists which can hold the participants who have issues with each other. They need to meet to take decisions which are of the highest importance, whether the concern is personal or professional. Either we have the power! - but not necessarily agreement, or else we have deeply held convictions without necessarily the power to implement them.


People get together to debate an issue they wish to push through, or whose development they wish to stop. They may be directly involved in the subject or affected by it without having access to an official position. The debate “rages” for a fixed time and different positions are taken up, expressing agreement or disagreement.


All stakeholders are invited to move

EVERY contribution is given its place, and physical contact is the only prohibition. When information and genuinely felt feelings are allowed to circulate freely, the way is clear for consensus or, alternatively, for a high quality disagreement. Both conditions enable decisions to be made and actions taken. These decisions become accessible and sustainable when there is full circulation of complete and relevant information.


Who needs Open Forums ?


Any group promoting a project and meeting irreconcilable differences which are slowing it down or even blocking it.

This project is very important but the reasons for its importance can be completely opposite. On the one hand it may be absolutely essential and it has to progress, at least in the eyes of its promoters. But on the other there may be violent opposition to it, and the need to stop it or to change it. These individuals and groups need to meet and transact their differences in a new and secure space, with exciting potential.