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Open Forum & Co

Facilitating Group Conflicts


Here are some organisations which have already benefitted from our "Open Forum" Technology 


Examples of forum interventions

Mairie de Curçay sur Dive (Vienne) : Methanisation plant Project

Mairie de Woincourt, Friville Escarbotin (Somme) : Methanisation plant Project

Mairie de Clérac (Charente Maritime) : Extension of a Waste Treatment facility


Local Authority Management & Training Centres :

  • Greater Rouen (Mont St. Aignan) : conflicts at the Town Hall

  • Greater Toulouse : support for the mayors


Community Tranquillity Project (Toulouse)

Clean Streets Project (St. Denis, Paris)

Battered women’s support association (Casablanca) : Forum for helpers


La Compagnie des Alpes (Angleterre and France) 5 operations :

« Failing Firms : pressure to close »


EDF Nucléaire : Managing a Network

EDF Nucléaire : Risk Prevention


Police Nationale : Leadership, Management & Communication (Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées)

GRIEPS (Université Lyon III) : Risk Prevention in the Operating Theatre of

Hôpital du Havre (Conflict between Management and Nursing Staff)


Ahmedabad University Civil Hospital (India) : relationships between staff and patients

TRW Aérospace (matrix management  : open forum for managers)


Conflicts & Community : 35 training seminars for the facilitation of Open Forums


Practice group : monthly evening group sessions based on Process Work (12 to date)